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What is the new World of Warcraft expansion?

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asked Aug 6, 2015 in Gaming by zuulspaceman (37,960 points)
edited Aug 6, 2015 by zuulspaceman
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Legion is the World of Warcraft release due out soon. [1] It comes with a new continent, known as Broken Isles. While this has been referred to before, the area has never been playable until now. The much anticipated release also has new dungeons, raids and bosses so that even experienced players will have exciting challenges with this expansion. It was announced a few days ago, and users that have become bored with the existing content are hoping that these changes will be worth the added expense. [2]

[1] http://www.gamespot.com/articles/next-wow-expansion-introduces-new-class-raises-lev/1100-6429539/

[2] http://www.pcgamer.com/world-of-warcraft-legion-expansion-announced-at-gamescom/
answered Aug 8, 2015 by Monica H. (12,270 points)
selected Aug 10, 2015 by zuulspaceman

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