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What Are Some Good Wii Games For My Stepdaughters?

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I want to get some good games for my stepdaughters. Currently they like the Legend of Zelda games, so I already have those. I'm talking about for the first Wii, by the way.

Any RPG games would be good. We already have Animal Crossing as well, so that's not a good one they like more of a story. Oh, and we have Super Paper Mario on there.

Any info on better or just as good games than these would be awesome, since I never played much of this console and now games are super easy to get. Thank you!
asked Jul 27, 2015 in Gaming by zuulspaceman (37,960 points)
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Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny takes players to a variety of islands as they try and figure out how to cure a mysterious curse [1]. While the game does involve fighting, there is no gore. Little King's Story also has good reviews. It is a combination of a role-playing and simulation game, where players take on the role of a monarch in a small town. They must gather citizens together and assign them jobs, while trying to meet certain objectives [2]. Like Rune Factory, there is fighting but no blood. A few other titles to look into include The Last Story, Arc Rise Fantasia, and Harvest Moon: Animal Parade.


While they are not role-playing games, the Just Dance series has great reviews among children and adults alike. The concept is simple; you have to dance along with the characters on the screen, which means that the game is very active instead of stationary. Another plus is that you only need the Wii remote to play, so no extra equipment is required, keeping the price down.


[1] https://www.commonsensemedia.org/game-reviews/rune-factory-tides-of-destiny

[2] https://www.commonsensemedia.org/game-reviews/little-kings-story

answered Jul 28, 2015 by Unckelli (50,310 points)
selected Aug 3, 2015 by zuulspaceman
Interesting choice with the top game, I am definitely going to give that a whirl. Not too sure if they'd want to dance, but I can run it by 'em. I'm going to leave this open for a while to see if any other gems show up, because that king's story sounds like something if they don't like, I'd play, lol.

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