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Did people really get takedown requests for the word Pixels?

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asked Aug 9, 2015 in News and Society by zuulspaceman (37,960 points)
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In short: yes. The word pixels was flagged by anti piracy groups before of similarly named games. This has caused a problem for the leading Indie game Pixels as this is their whole name. This also affected many videos on the website Vimeo that contained the word in their name as well.


This was because of the similarity to an Adam Sandler movie which falls under the umbrella of Colombia pictures and their team. While it is unclear if this notice will stand up, it is currently seen as an attack on Indie companies and has been covered by popular websites such as Kohaku and Slashdot.


The official copyright claim notice for many videos with the word pixels. :


Reference 1: http://yro.slashdot.org/story/15/08/09/0415227/anti-piracy-firm-sends-out-wave-of-takedown-notices-for-using-the-word-pixels


Reference 2: https://torrentfreak.com/anti-piracy-group-hits-indie-creators-for-using-the-word-pixels-150808/

answered Aug 10, 2015 by jesheckah (20,300 points)
selected Aug 12, 2015 by zuulspaceman
Ugh, companies try their best to own everything including a word that's been used for a long time before this movie.
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Yes, the anti-piracy firm Entura Internationa, a company with a reputation of being a copyright troll, sent a DMCA notice to Vimeo to take down a number of videos that contained the word "Pixels" in their title. [1]


Working on behalf of Columbia Pictures, the company claimed that these films and videos were too similar to the 2015 Adam Sandler movie "Pixels".


Instead, however, the majority of the videos that were taken down were short films or projects that were made by independent filmmakers and creators that did not violate the copyright in any way.


In an ironic twist, however, the takedown notice also included the official trailer for the Adam Sandler film. Whoops!


Some of the videos that were hit include a video for the song Life Buoy by the band The Pixels, a 2006 short film titled "Pixels" that was produced by a non-profit NGO, and an award-winning short film by Patrick Jean that was the original inspiration for the Adam Sandler film. [2]




1. http://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2015/08/dmca-takedown-laser-brings-down-vimeo-videos-with-pixels-in-title/

2. https://torrentfreak.com/anti-piracy-group-hits-indie-creators-for-using-the-word-pixels-150808/

answered Aug 9, 2015 by blueskies (57,070 points)

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