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What is the Budwig diet?

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asked Aug 10, 2015 in Cancer by jems (19,790 points)
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The Budwig diet was developed by the well-known German Biochemist Johanna Budwig, Ph.D. in 1951. She conducted extensive experiments on the subject of curing cancer and proposed a diet consisting of flaxseed oil and cottage cheese. She proposes that a daily serving of this mixture with other dietary restrictions, such as no animal fat, no salad oils, no meats, no sugar and butter or margarine, would help to prevent cancer or cure it completely. Her research on the subject of cancer revealed that the blood of cancer patients lacked lipoproteins and substances called phosphatides. Johanna believed that deficiencies of these substances allowed the cancer cells to grow and multiply. But many medical experts have started to doubt the thesis revealed by Johanna later on.



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answered Aug 11, 2015 by nilupa1973 (35,290 points)
selected Aug 14, 2015 by jems
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This is a diet that involves eating flaxseeds mixed with one of several different milk products on a daily basis. In addition, it promotes eating a large number of vegetables, fruits, and other fresh foods. IT also promotes staying away from oily foods, sugar, and meat. [1]

While many people choose to use this diet when they are going through cancer treatment, there is no proof it is actually helpful. However, preliminary medical studies have indicated that flax seeds may help with stopping the growth of cancer cells. [2]

Below is a doctor speaking about the diet and when he would recommend using this protocol.

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answered Aug 10, 2015 by jesheckah (20,300 points)

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