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What can I expect from Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer on 3DS?

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Wondering if I should get this for my wife and I, we had a blast on Animal Crossing: New Leaf, but I'm not sure what this game is going to be like.
asked Aug 11, 2015 in Gaming by zuulspaceman (37,960 points)
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If you were a fan of any of the Animal Crossing games and enjoyed decorating your own home in those games, then there's a good chance that you will enjoy "Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer" for Nintendo 3DS.


The premise of this game is that you are hired as a new home decorator for Tom Nook, a popular character from the previous games, who now runs a company called Nook's Homes. After building a school near the beginning of the game, you will be introduced to the mechanics of the game. Your main job is to decorate the homes of the residents in your town. This is much different than previous Animal Crossing versions where your main objective was paying off bills and working odd jobs. However, some aspects from previous games like many of the same characters, the ability to earn Play Coins, and the ability to collect and change clothes are still in this game.


You can expect a game that is essentially based on the decorating portion found in previous Animal Crossing games but without the major restrictions. [1] You actually get to customize parts of the home from the frame of the house to the style of the roof, as well as the interior of the home. You will meet with animals that hire you to decorate their homes to their own unique specifications. For example, they may ask for their home to be decorated for a specific atmosphere or for a specific personality.


As you decorate more homes, you unlock more items to use in the various homes. There are even chances to build different types of structures like hotels, hospitals, etc. as you go along. [2] Unlike other Animal Crossing versions, you have much more freedom with building your own town.


One unique aspect of the game is that it can use Amiibo cards with the new in-built NCS reader on new 3DS models. [3] There are cards that contain a character with an item. All you do is tap the card to the reader, and you can unlock special items for that character's home. There are even additional character cards that you can tap into the reader that allow different characters to enter each other's homes to mingle and take photos.


Here is the Nintendo 2015 E3 Trailer to give you an idea of the gameplay:





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answered Aug 11, 2015 by deviousdesigner (36,530 points)
selected Aug 15, 2015 by zuulspaceman

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