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What are the some of the best rewards credit cards?

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I have the Capital One 1.5 percent cashback card, you know the one Samuel L. Jackson touts on commercials. I like this credit card and the rewards, and I am wanting to explore other rewards credit cards that consumers like.
asked Aug 11, 2015 in Finance by JLettermanMB (43,520 points)
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There are so many variables to consider when choosing a rewards credit card that it's hard to recommend one for someone else. A lot depends on how you're planning to use the card and what types of rewards are most important to you. However, there are some cards that always seem to land on the lists of favorite rewards credit cards, so here are a few of those.


NerdWallet's Best Rewards Credit Cards of 2015

  • Best travel credit card: Chase Sapphire Preferred Card
  • Best 5% rewards cash back card: Chase Freedom
  • Best flat-rate travel rewards card: Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card
  • Best flat-rate cash back card: Citi Double Cash Card


The Simple Dollar's Best Rewards Credit Cards of 2015

  • Best for travel: Chase Sapphire Preferred
  • Best cash back rewards: Chase Freedom
  • Best no annual fee travel card: BankAmericard Travel Rewards Credit Card
  • Best perks: American Express Premier Rewards Gold Card


To be sure you consider all the factors that matter to you before choosing a rewards card, check out the information in the chart below:


answered Aug 14, 2015 by AndreaM (20,510 points)

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