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Will terrestrial radio ever die?

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Of course there is satellite radio, Internet radio, and communications and the music industry are always continuously changing. But terrestrial radio seems to stick around as a mainstay.
asked Aug 11, 2015 in Communications by JLettermanMB (43,520 points)
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Will Terrestrial Radio Ever Die?


It's doubtful that terrestrial radio will die anytime soon, if ever. This debate has been raging since MTV aired its first music video in 1981. Since then, some have wondered whether newer mediums, inluding satellite radio and modern-day streaming [1], spelled doom for radio, but recent research shows that there are still more people enjoying this good old-fashioned form of entertainment than there are people tuning into television.


Why Is Radio Still So Popular?


There are a number of reasons that radio remains so popular today and won't be going the way of the VCR in the foreseeable future. First of all, radios are typically inexpensive, [2] so most people can afford them, unlike some sophisticated streaming devices or HD TVs. They are also easy to operate; just turn one on and Viola...instant music (or news, or whatever) to your ears. Still another charm of radio is that it doesn't require a monthly subscription fee like cable television or the Internet. Radio just has so much going for it; it's hard to imagine this world without it.


Now, please enjoy the 1979 Buggles hit "Video Killed the Radio Star," a prediction that couldn't have been more wrong:



And, of course, no discussion of radio would be complete without Joe Jackson's "On Your Radio"!



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2. http://radioboise.us/volunteer/why-is-community-radio-important/

answered Aug 13, 2015 by Alexis Arden (43,230 points)
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