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What was the verdict in the Oscar Pistorious case?

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asked Aug 18, 2015 in Legal by Johnresa (33,810 points)
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Oscar Pistorius was convicted of killing his girlfriend, and the 'guilty' verdict was for 'culpable homicide,' which only gave him a five year prison sentence. Pistorius is set to be released into house arrest most likely this week after only serving 10 months out of the five years. The 'Blade Runner' supposedly thought that someone was trying to break into his home, but it was his girlfriend, hence the conviction for culpable homicide, meaning he didn't intentionally kill her. To make matters worse, the incident occurred on Valentine's Day. [1]


The prisons in South Africa are well-known for being too crowded, which is one factor that helped influence the parole board to release Pistorius. His conditional release will involve more than just house arrest, but the exact details aren't going to be made public according to CNN, at least for now. Pistorius is a Paralympic runner, but all sources point to the fact he is most likely never to compete again. The biggest reason for this is that by the time he's eligible for the Olympics, he would be a 33 year old runner competing in Tokyo in 2020. [1]


Reeva Steenkamp was his girlfriend, whom he killed, and she was a model. While Pistorius claimed that he thought his girlfriend was an intruder, it's important to note that witness testimony had the couple arguing prior to the shooting. There were also released text messages that claimed Pistorius was very possessive of Steenkamp, and that she was scared of him at times. [2] Naturally, the general public and especially the Steenkamp family are outraged that he is going to be released in a few days. [1]





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answered Aug 18, 2015 by JLettermanMB (43,520 points)
selected Aug 24, 2015 by Johnresa

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