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What can you tell me about the Nintendo NX?

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asked Aug 18, 2015 in Gaming by deviousdesigner (36,530 points)
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The Nintendo Wii U ended up largely being a disappointment, especially for company sales, and with the exception of loyal fans. So the first thing you can expect from the Nintendo NX is that it's not going to be anything like the Wii, Wii U or other traditional gaming consoles. For starters, instead of viewing the NX as another platform in and of itself, it is going to be the future of Nintendo for all games the company produces here on out, which means hardware isn't as much of a factor. Additionally, instead of there being a console system and a separate handheld gaming system, the two are united as family so to speak, brother systems, and this was straight from the mouth of Nintendo's former CEO. [1]


According to Square Enix, you can expect to see both DragonQuest X and XI as games for the Nintendo NX. Furthermore, one thing fans want to see is a better release schedule for games, which Nintendo has no doubt taken note of for future reference. It's being rumored that the 4th platform for Ready at Dawn might be the Nintendo NX. Backwards compatibility for games is also a speculated feature, and it is also expected for Nintendo to have an online infrastructure that is highly competitive. [1]


Nintendo has been losing users for awhile now, and of course developers have subsequently been dismissing the company. However, it is quite apparent that developers are showing a huge amount of interest when it comes to the Nintendo NX. There might even be a new Metroid Prime game! People are also wondering about the Legend of Zelda game, and if Nintendo held off to just slate it for when they release the new NX system. [2] One thing for sure, you can surely expect the controller not to be quite so large!




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answered Aug 18, 2015 by JLettermanMB (43,520 points)
selected Aug 22, 2015 by deviousdesigner
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Most of what I heard are rumors, but Nintendo is working on something new[1]. They're saying now that third party support is something that they neglected, and wish to work on. Also, I've heard that it should be able to play Wii-U games.


The problem with Nintendo is that they code-name things and are vague. Remember the GameCube? It was called "Dolphin" at one point[2].


My guess is NX is going to be a console, though some say it may be both a console and handheld. Nintendo has said, however, that the 3DS still has a few years, so I'm not sure what to believe. Video game consoles are prepping to be updated to the next gen, and I'm guessing Nintendo wants to make things right or they're not going to get much further.


nintendo infographic


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answered Aug 18, 2015 by zuulspaceman (37,960 points)

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