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Does Shannen Doherty have cancer?

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asked Aug 20, 2015 in Movies/TV by AndreaM (20,510 points)
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Shannen Doherty is dealing with a breast cancer diagnosis [1]. She filed suit on Wednesday, August 19th, 2015, against her former business managers, claiming that they let her health insurance expire. As a result, she states that she did not receive her diagnosis as soon as she should have, and now must face a possible mastectomy.



In the suit, Doherty states that the company who was managing her money did not pay her health insurance premium in 2014 [2]. She could not re-enroll in coverage until 2015. In March, she was diagnosed with invasive breast cancer that spread to one of her lymph nodes.


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[2] http://dailycaller.com/2015/08/19/shannon-doherty-blames-business-manager-for-breast-cancer-sues/

answered Aug 20, 2015 by Unckelli (50,310 points)
selected Sep 2, 2015 by AndreaM
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Yes, actress Shannen Doherty has announced that she has Breast Cancer. The 44-year-old told People Magazine she is currently undergoing treatment for the cancer and continues "to eat right, exercise and stay positive." [1]


The news of Shannen's cancer was released because of a lawsuit she is filing against her former manager. Her health insurance premium was not paid and she says if she had insurance, she would have found out about the cancer and could have prevented it from spreading. Now, the cancer is more invasive and requires more extreme treatment measures. [2]



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answered Aug 20, 2015 by erod429 (53,480 points)

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