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Why is there so much domestic violence on Super Bowl Sunday?

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asked Aug 21, 2015 in Recreation and Sports by Topher (27,830 points)
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Mix alcohol, sports, and people losing money and you have a recipe for a person with anger issues to take it out on someone around them. Or so it is said. Sadly there is a lot of violence going on all the time.


This claim has yet to be proven true according to Snopes[1]. It's also said to be false by other places that have put more research into it[2]. It is said that domestic violence is likely to occur on Sunday, but not the Superbowl in particular.




1 - http://www.snopes.com/crime/statistics/superbowl.asp

2 - http://www.newrepublic.com/article/120917/super-bowl-sunday-domestic-violence

answered Aug 23, 2015 by zuulspaceman (37,960 points)
selected Aug 23, 2015 by Topher
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Nicknamed the 'Day of Dread' for approximately two decades, Super Bowl Sunday is known for an increase in domestic violence, and two major factors are attributed to this disturbing dilemma. First of all, football is a very aggressive and violent sport, and fans often become very passionate about the outcome of games as well. Throw alcohol in the mix and the fact that many people like to throw big Super Bowl parties commemorating one of the biggest days in sports each year, and you've got the cocktail of increased risk for domestic violence. [1]


Of course, it's the people that must act responsibly, and some say that this is indeed just a myth that has been circulating for years, always believed and a major focus during the Super Bowl. In 2015, a domestic violence ad appeared during the Super Bowl, and it received quite a bit of attention, perhaps heightening focus on this matter once again. [1] Whether it is a myth or not, domestic violence is a major issue in the United States, and any ad campaign against it is quite welcome. 


Researching the matter has led experts to look at other holidays and special events throughout the year, where certain activities and social drinking can lead to an increased risk for domestic violence. The Super Bowl ad to stop Domestic Violence that ran earlier this year was very powerful, as it had a woman dialing 911 and having to act like she was ordering pizza to signal for help. 'No More' is the organization responsible for the commercial, and you might be interested to know that the crime with the highest number of offenders as players in the NFL is indeed domestic violence. With the NFL itself not taking matters seriously, what message is that sending to the fans? [2] 





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answered Aug 23, 2015 by JLettermanMB (43,520 points)

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