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What Did Darryl Dawkins Die From?

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asked Aug 28, 2015 in Recreation and Sports by erod429 (53,480 points)
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Legendary basketball player Darryl Dawkins succumbed to a heart attack on Aug. 27, 2015. [1]  He was 58 years old.


Nicknamed "Chocolate Thunder," Dawkins was 6 feet 11 inches tall and weighed about 250 pounds. [2] Known for his dunking abilities and for shattering backboards, he played in the NBA for 14 seasons with the Sixers, the New Jersey Nets (now the Brooklyn Nets), the Utah Jazz and the Detroit Pistons. Following his NBA career, he played professional basketball in Italy and was a member of the Globetrotters. He also coached professional teams.






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answered Aug 28, 2015 by jems (19,790 points)
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