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What are some of the ways that McDonald's restaurants give back to the community?

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McDonald's restaurants positively impact the communities in which they are located in a number of different ways. Here are just a few:


  • Job creation. McDonald's employs more than 1.7 million people throughout the world. While many of these are entry level jobs, this also includes management positions and higher paying jobs. When a new franchise opens in a community, it helps put a number of local residents to work. [1]
  • Educating children for the future. Since 1999, McDonald's has partnered with Junior Achievement to teach students business and life skills to help them succeed. Volunteers from the company work with students, while financial donations help purchase supplies and materials for the classrooms. To date, over 24,000 students have been helped by the program. [2]
  • Partnering with sports organizations to encourage kids to be physically active. McDonald's has a long history of working with sporting groups and associations in an effort to get kids up and moving. [2]


While these are some of the national programs that are in place, each franchise owner also has a chance to help their local community in whatever way they see fit. Here are just a few examples:


  • In Pennsylvania, franchise owners have gotten together with Ronald McDonald House Charities for the past 7 years to send kids to college. Each year, 15 students get college scholarships as a result of the program. [3]
  • A franchise owner in Texas has put together a program called Camp Mickey D's, which teaches students how to deal with the demands of the workplace. The program currently serves 38 different high schools in the local area. [3]
  • Reggie and Tracy Jones, a couple that owns McDonald's franchises in Indianapolis, take an active interest in the lives of the young people that they employ, helping them get off the streets and learn how to succeed. They not only provide emotional support and encouragement, but they also offer college scholarships to their employees. [3] The following video provides a more in-depth look at how the Jones' help their employees:
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One of the most well-known ways that McDonald's gives back to the community is with their Ronald McDonald House Charities. This organization focuses on helping the families of very sick children.


Ronald McDonald (RM) houses are set up close to hospitals so that families can stay close to their sick children. Each house offers home cooked meals, private bedrooms, and play areas for children staying there. Some houses have additional services, such as educational services and sibling support services. [1]


Every RM house is run by charitable donations. People who stay in RM houses can do so at no cost or for a $25 donation for every day they stay.


As of 2015 RM House has the following services in 60 countries and regions: [2]

  • 349 RM houses
  • 196 RM family rooms
  • 50 RM care mobiles


Ronald McDonald Houses work hard to alleviate the stress of staying away from home and keeping a family together when caring for a hospitalized child, and they do an excellent job!



[1] http://www.rmhc.org/ronald-mcdonald-house

[2] http://www.rmhc.org/what-we-do

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