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Where can you buy a home in California for under $300K?

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I know California is expensive but is there anywhere in the state you can buy a home for under $300K?
asked Sep 11, 2015 in Real Estate by julieprovost (4,500 points)
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California is a very large state, and there are lots of places you can find a home under 300k. Of course, this all depends on what type of home you are looking for. There is a big difference in prices between a tiny 2 bedroom starter home and a 5 bedroom large family home. Land also plays a factor, as a small home with lots of yard space or even acreage can cost more than a larger home with a small yard.


In general, you will want to stay away from San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego, as these are the areas with the highest average home price. [1] The smaller the town, and the farther it is from these cities, the lower the price. The cheapest area when it comes to home prices is San Bernardino county. Many of the cities in this county are only an hour or two from Los Angeles, so you won't be too far from the amenities that a big city can provide. While the Inland Empire area of San Bernardino county has a reputation for high crime, if you look around there are still plenty of nice neighborhoods to be found. Loma Linda, Yucaipa, and Grand Terrace are all great places to start your search. [2]



[1] http://www.zillow.com/ca/home-values/

[2] http://www.zillow.com/yucaipa-ca/home-values/

answered Sep 11, 2015 by GnomyRose (1,660 points)
selected Oct 11, 2015 by julieprovost
Thank you! We are leaning towards #12.
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Chico is one area of Northern California where homes are still relatively affordable. The median price of a home there is $273,000 right now. Plus, it has some pretty nice neighborhoods, so you don't have to sacrifice your quality of living for affordability. 


Homes are even cheaper in Butte County's outlying areas. The median price of a home in Paradise, which is in the mountains about 15 minutes from Chico, is only $200,000 right now, but you can find them even less expensive than that. Check out other outlying areas of Butte County, and you'll find more places where homeownership is still achievable for the average bear.


1. http://www.zillow.com/chico-ca/home-values/


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answered Sep 13, 2015 by Alexis Arden (43,230 points)

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