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Where can a K teacher get constructed responses for science or social studies for grade K?

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only related to Kindergarten / RACE strategy in relation to constructed response format for science/social studies only for
Kindergarten/ my school requires that K students learn this / Help needed please!!!
asked Sep 13, 2015 in Reference and Education by goinsgwen (150 points)
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For developing science-related constructed response questions, try looking at the Constructed Response in Science Toolkit located here:




In it, the author describes why constructed response questions are better at gauging a student's understanding than traditional test questions.


At the end of the guide, there is a template that you can use to construct your own science-based questions for whichever grade level you are teaching (in your case, kindergarten). There are also a couple of examples of questions for K-2 that you could either use outright, or use as inspiration for coming up with your own ideas.


I wasn't able to find any social studies related questions or examples. However, it seems like you could use the same template that was included in the science toolkit to develop social studies constructed response questions as well.


This example is also helpful in showing what makes an effective constructed response question versus an ineffective question:




You may also want to check out this page on constructed responses for teachers. It provides some helpful information on teaching students how to construct answers, coming up with your own questions and assessing student responses:




I'm sorry I couldn't come up with more solid examples for you, but they just don't seem to exist online. Hopefully this at least gives you a good jumping off point for developing your own questions. Good luck!




Infographic source: http://mrssolsclass.blogspot.com/2014/12/text-based-responses.html

answered Sep 13, 2015 by blueskies (57,070 points)
selected Sep 13, 2015 by goinsgwen

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