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What are some ways to reduce violence in the workplace?

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asked Sep 15, 2015 in Business by anonymous
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Workplace violence is a big issue in the modern society, with nearly two million employees reporting being victims of violence, and many more unreported cases suspected. 
Prevention of workplace violence falls along seven lines. The first is an environment-wide adoption of policies that prevent harassment between coworkers. The second front is the establishment of clear codes of personal and professional conduct. Training sessions need to be organized and held regularly. No interpersonal conflicts should ever be allowed to escalate to the status of either harassment or physical violence. Effective lines of interpersonal communication must be established horizontally and vertically through all employees. Leaders need to be constantly mindful of the quality of all relationships within a work team, and all employees need to be persuaded to accept differences in individuality. 
Training employees how to handle violent or potentially violent situations can minimize physical damages and personal injuries or fatalities, and responding appropriately after an incident can set higher standards for future problem prevention. 
Having employees come through secure entrances where weapons are checked for and confiscated and having a security detail patrolling a work area also help prevent workplace violence.  

answered Sep 16, 2015 by Topher (27,830 points)

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