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What is the danger of negative thinking?

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asked Sep 19, 2015 in Self Improvement by nilupa1973 (35,290 points)
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Negative thinking can plague one's mind and cause significant damage over time. It is essential to diagnose this problem and put together a plan to follow and eradicate such thought processes as soon as possible. Those who don't do this are often seen facing issues in the short and long-run. Let's take a look at the dangers associated with negative thinking.


Represses Self-confidence


A person who is always pushing negative thoughts through their mind will begin to realize how self-confidence becomes hard to come by. It is nearly impossible for them to grow as people. They simply see the worst in themselves every step of the way whether it has to do with looks, personality, or anything else in their lives [1]. 


Glass 'Half Empty' Mindset


This is common in those who are struggling with negative thinking. The mind begins to assume everything is not as bright as it should be. It could be something as simple as going out and driving in the rain. One's mind will wander about the risks associated with this and how it could pose a danger to one's health leading to not going outside at all. All of this happens due to negative thinking.


Restricts Growth


Most people who get stuck into a pattern of negative thinking will begin to restrict their own growth and development. It will become hard for them to progress as people and this can be rather challenging to deal with [2].




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answered Sep 19, 2015 by kingusama92 (23,380 points)

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