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Do you think Welfare recipients should be subjected to drug testing?

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asked Oct 2, 2015 in News and Society by anonymous
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I have to say no on this one. People who are on welfare are not any more likely to use drugs than anyone else. In fact, after spending $1M, seven states realized that drug use was much lower than expected. Even if they were, does that mean that they should not be taken care of? True enough, there are some people who are out there abusing the system, but there are many others who are using welfare benefits just as intended.


I know many who have had these benefits at one point or another, and none of them abused the system. Sure, people can argue that taking government handouts means that people lose the right to privacy, but I do not agree with that. I also think that the money that has to be invested in order to test welfare recipients can be better spent on something else, like education.








answered Oct 5, 2015 by Johnresa (33,810 points)

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