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What Will be the Fate of Lady Stoneheart in ASOIF?

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<possible spoilers> This isn't about the TV show called "Game of Thrones." Lady Stoneheart hasn't even shown up there yet. With that said, will she be important in TWOW and ADOS for the ASOIF series?
asked Oct 3, 2015 in Book Reviews by Bertie
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{Spoilers Book and TV] The thing that really bothers a lot of book readers is the fact that Lady Stoneheart hasn't shown up at all in the TV show. In the book, she was revived three days after the infamous Red Wedding in the books, and it seems as if the show has moved way past that point. In the books, On the other hand, the book and TV show don't seem to do everything in the same order.


Lord Beric does sacrifice his "unlife" to give Catelyn hers. We also know that she used to resent Jon Snow because he was supposed to be her husband's bastard, sired after they were already married. The problem with that is that Ned's one defining characteristic is his honor. Of course, it's honorable to make sure a child of yours is taken care of, but it seems out of character for Ned to have cheated on Catelyn.


I don't know what will happen, but here's what I would like to happen. I would like Lady Stoneheart to get a chance to be the one to sacrifice herself to revive Jon Snow - just like Beric did for her. It seems like it would give that plot a satisfying ending. She would get some peace, and Jon Snow could rise again and do his thing.


The biggest problem with this guess is that Lady Stoneheart is in the Riverlands with the Brotherhood Without Banners. Jon Snow got stabbed at the wall. We assume they are at least 1,000 miles apart, and that's a long way in this world (unless you have a dragon, I guess). The biggest reason I fear that this theory is not true is because LS didn't come back (yet) on the TV show. Maybe she will sacrifice herself for somebody else. We generally liked Catelyn more than didn't, but as Lord Beric let us know, the Unlife isn't pleasant.


Further Reading - Because we can't get enough!


Here's a more detailed examination of the Lady Stoneheart revives Jon Theory: http://freebookbeast.com/an-optimistic-prediction-for-lady-stoneheart/


 To refresh yourself about the character, you can read up on Catelyn/Lady Stoneheart here: http://awoiaf.westeros.org/index.php/Catelyn_Stark

answered Oct 7, 2015 by bestie (4,000 points)

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