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What are some development milestones for a ten-month-old?

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asked Oct 10, 2015 in Kids and Teens by anonymous
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Your little one has probably started crawling and should be improving his hand-eye coordination at this age [1]. He or she is growing like a weed and keeps things interesting around the house! Cognitive skills start to improve at this age as well. The baby understands that an object that is moved out of their sight is still there, so he will look for it. Your little one may also start to copy your movements, like shaking your head back and forth or waving your hand.


Your baby is starting to understand words, so it is important to talk to him or her a lot [2]. Do not use baby talk; you can help to reinforce proper speech patterns by using adult language with your baby. In addition, you may see your little one take his or her first steps soon. However, babies develop at vastly different rates, so it may be that he waits until after his first birthday to reach this milestone.


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answered Oct 11, 2015 by Unckelli (50,310 points)

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