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How do you forgive your past?

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asked Oct 30, 2015 in Self Improvement by Seth1980
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Most of us hold on to our negative past for years and years. Forgiveness is a process. In fact, it will not happen overnight, and the process is a different one each person. The most important thing is to make a decision to forgive your past. Without making a decision, you will never make it happen. Here are some important steps to forgive your past.

1/ Most people feel guilty about the actions they took in the past because these actions were not in line with their current values and morals. When you have a clearer picture about your morals and values, you will begin to see why you acted in such a way in the past.

2/ Realize that you did the best you could at that point of time in your life. You were not mature enough to do anything differently at that point of time. Maybe, you acted out of a survival or protection mode. Whatever the reason, it is important that you learn from the mistake and move forward. Lamenting about the past will only ruin your present, which will definitely affect the quality of your future.

3/ Realize that the past is the past. Even though all of us know this, it is difficult to leave the past as it is and move forward. No matter what we do, we cannot undo the past. It is gone forever and will not come back. This is why it is important that you realize this truth and move forward.




answered Oct 30, 2015 by nilupa1973 (35,290 points)

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