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Do you think college athletes should be paid to play?

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asked Oct 31, 2015 in Recreation and Sports by Stevie
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1 Answer

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At first, the thought of it makes me cringe, because I love to buy into the ideal of amateur sports, in particular my beloved baskbetall, staying somehow "pure" at the college level.

But it's not. There's numerous programs that already hook up kids with cars and trips and sometimes even sex, drugs and hookers if they play for a big program. NCAA schools make huge money off of the work and likenesses of their athletes, particularly in football bowl games and the annual March Madness tornament.

Athletes do sometimes get full or partial scholarships, but that might not cover the extra expenses of being a student, much less trips, handling the media, injuries or anything else.

At the very least, the athletes need to share somehow in the millions of dollars of revenue they generate for the schools they represent.

answered Nov 1, 2015 by Topher (27,830 points)

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