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Do you have gift ideas for an eight year old boy?

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I am struggling with what to get my nephew for Christmas. Any ideas?
asked Nov 1, 2015 in Kids and Teens by Morgan
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2 Answers

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There are so many cool things out there for an older boy to enjoy, but of course, your budget is going to factor in to the equation. Here are a few ideas.


1. Snap Circuits Kits. These can be expensive (the Snap Circuits Lights kit runs around $80) but they are great for any boy that enjoys science and creating things. They also have a lot of "play" potential; the lights kit has around 175 projects that your nephew can enjoy.


2. Lego sets. Lego is usually a big hit with any kid age five and up, so you really can't go wrong with this gift idea. They have a lot of different themes and sets to match any price range. With the new Star Wars movie coming out shortly, one of Lego's buildable Star Wars figures might be the perfect gift for your nephew.


3. Books! There are a lot of cool series that can really stimulate the imagination. Personal favorites in my family are the Percy Jackson series and the Harry Potter series.


4. My Monopoly. This version is a twist on the classic game, where players can customize their tokens, properties and even the Chance and Community Chest cards. Even better, they can change these things up as they see fit, leading to endless fun.







answered Nov 1, 2015 by Unckelli (50,310 points)
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It can be pretty overwhelming at first to find gift ideas for children, boys in particular, ages 8 - 10. While there may seem like there's a lot to choose from, the moment that you've decided to buy one, it seems like you've exhausted all your options and resources.

One great way to get started with your search is by identifying how much you're willing to spend. This way, you can easily filter your options, and just stick to those ones that are within the price range that you're willing and ready to spend.
Boys at this age seem to love going outdoors to play, and a bicycle may be a great gift to give! My cousins have recently requested a quadcopter drone for christmas - if you have a little bit of cash to spend, this is something that you may want to take a look at as well.

Here's a video of a quadcopter review:



answered Nov 2, 2015 by mrsaustria (13,230 points)

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