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What is the best way to clean grout on tile floors?

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asked Nov 5, 2015 in Home and Family by Madeline Argyle
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The best way to clean grout on tiles floors is to use a powdered oxygen bleach. It is non-toxic and will not produce harsh fumes like most other cleaning solutions. Powdered oxygen bleach is also color and fabric safe. It will help remove most of the stubborn stains with minimal or no scrubbing at all. The oxygen ions will attack the stain molecules and break them into pieces, which are then rinsed away with very little effort. Here are the steps to follow in cleaning grout on tile floors.

1/ The first step is to mix a high quality powdered oxygen bleach with warm water and stir it thoroughly. Pour this solution on the tiles so that the grout lines are flooded with this solution. Let this solution sit on the grout for at least 15-minutes. The longer the solution sits on the grout, the less work you may have to do in cleaning the surface.

2/ Scrub the grout lightly after about 30-minutes. Remember to pour new solution on to the grout as you scrub it. Scrubbing the grout lightly will help remove even the toughest stains on it. Wine stains, beet juice or whatever stain can be removed within minutes with this potent cleaning solution.




answered Nov 5, 2015 by nilupa1973 (35,290 points)

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