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What is vocal fry?

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asked Jul 29, 2015 in Communications by MelanieD (230 points)
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Vocal fry is a low sound produced by flutting vocal chords. It is actually a vocal register of its own, and has a place within both music and communication. It is sometimes described as creaky, gravely, or scraping. It can be seen in the video below:

This technique is often used in modern singing to allow a female singer to hit much lower notes than she would normally be able to. It has also seen much use in recent years among women such as the Kardashians and other celebrities as well. While some find it annoying, speech pathologist say that some people who speak this way are doing so because of damage to their vocal chords.

The phenomena has been described in literature for at least 100 years, and many argue that it is completely natural. Many people have their voices drop down lower at the end of sentences either by habit or because they learned to speak that way as children.

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answered Jul 29, 2015 by jesheckah (20,300 points)
selected Jul 29, 2015 by MelanieD
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This trend has become so pervasive that Merriam-Webster decided to add the term "vocal fry" to their dictionary this year [1] and vocal fry memes are running rampant all over the Internet [2]. Here are a few examples of some of the funny graphics online spoofing vocal fry.


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answered Aug 20, 2015 by AndreaM (20,510 points)

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