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What are some creative ways to ask a girl to prom?

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asked Nov 22, 2015 in Relationships by Stevie
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2 Answers

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It is so wonderful that you are trying to make this a special event for the girl you are interested in! I found a few ideas that I thought were really nice:


1. Spell out the word "prom" in post-it notes on the family's garage door (ask permission from her parents first). On the ground, lay out flowers in the shape of a heart. Wait close by with a bouquet so you are ready when she pulls in the driveway!


2. Does she have a pet? You can attach a little sign to the pet with the word "Prom?" written on it.


3. Go over to hang out and order a pizza. Ask the restaurant to spell out the word "Prom?" in pepperoni. Have her open the box when it comes.


4. Grab some sidewalk chalk and write out a special message to your girl on the street or in the driveway.









answered Nov 22, 2015 by Unckelli (50,310 points)
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Here are 17 more fun and creative ways to ask a girl to prom!


And lastly, here are a few more fun examples of fun and creative ways to ask a girl to prom. Best wishes to you!

answered Nov 22, 2015 by Countrymom (8,550 points)

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