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What is the best way to cook corn on the cob?

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asked Nov 24, 2015 in Food and Drink by Natalie
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There are three basic ways that you can cook corn on the cob: boiling, grilling or microwaving. Determining which method is best is really a matter of personal preference. Boiled corn tends to be plump and juicy, whereas grilled corn has a delicious smokey flavor. Microwave cooking is ideal for times when you are in a hurry or just want to cook a couple of ears of corn and don't feel like boiling a big pot of water. Here are some quick instructions for each method:




Fill a stockpot with enough water to cover the amount of corn you want to prepare. Heat the water until it boils. Shuck the ears of corn, then add them and a tablespoon of salt to the boiling water. Cook the corn for anywhere from three to six minutes until it is tender. [1]




Peel back the husks, leaving them attached at the base. Remove the silk and brush the corn with olive oil. Pull the husks back up over the corn and tie them in place with a string. Roast them over medium-high heat, periodically turning them. Cook them for about 15 minutes until the outer husks are charred. Allow the corn to cool a little bit, then remove the husks and enjoy. [2]




Microwaving corn on the cob is fast and easy. Just put a couple of pieces of corn on the cob in the microwave without husking them. Cook them on high for about four or five minutes. When they are done, allow them to cool a bit, then remove the husks and the silk. They should be ready to eat right away.


Here's a video that shows just how easy the microwave method is:





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answered Nov 24, 2015 by blueskies (57,070 points)

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