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What is Altos de Chavón?

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asked Dec 23, 2015 in Travel and Leisure by anonymous
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Altos de Chavón is a tiny village on a hill overlooking the Chavón river east of La Romana in the Dominican Republic, surrounded by the prestigious Casa de Campo gated community resort.



It was commissioned by Charles Bluhdorn, president of Gulf-Western, in the late 70s as an eclectic retreat for himself and his rich friends. He envisioned it as a Disneyland-style fantasy village and hired Italian movie-set designer Roberto Copa to build it.


40 million dollars later Copa did not disappoint. Gracefully he blended elements of 16th century Andalusia and ancient Rome, added a hint of Greece for the amphitheater and a spice of Dominican art.



The result was a quaint collection of Restaurants, shops and art galleries as well as a large Roman-style amphitheater, surrounded by Casa de Campo.


It was inaugurated in 1982 by Frank Sinatra and in the following 40 years became a focus point for the rich and famous of our planet who built their villas, mansions and tiny palaces all around it. 


Sinatra, Oscar de la Renta, Julio Iglesias, Enrique Iglesias, Pitbull (who referenced it in his song Fun) and literally hundreds of entertainment and business luminaries called and call Casa de Campo their retreat and even home, and many more join every years.



While Casa de Campo is for the most part a private community and accessible only via guarded gates and the private airport, it is possible for regular tourists to visit Altos de Chavón. Especially the amphitheater is a popular destination for concerts, featuring such performers as Sinatra, Santana, Duran Duran, Andrea Bocelli and Elton John to name a few.



The Alicia Keys song Karma shot in Casa de Campo and Altos de Chavón, featuring particularly the amphitheater.


answered Dec 26, 2015 by AlecCorday (5,810 points)

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