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How do you use bronzer?

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I'm trying to use bronzer to give my face a more sculpted look. Every time I use it, though, I just wind up looking like I have dirt on my face. I'm not sure if I'm applying it wrong or if I'm using the wrong color. Can you give me some tips on how to properly apply bronzer?
asked Jan 10, 2016 in Beauty and Style by SarahP
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The first tip to take advantage of when applying bronzer naturally is to apply it using a soft, round brush. Many bronzers come with a sponge applicator. It is best to leave that alone for a less cakey appearance. 


Choose two different shades of bronzer. One should be lighter than you want the finished result to be and one should be darker. You can always blend the two with the brush to create a custom shade to work with your skin. You may need more of the darker tone, for example, if you have a summer tan. 


This is the part that will take experimenting on your part. Use both together or use them separately. However, if you ever find the shades are too harsh just lighten them with a little bit of translucent or light-toned powder.


Be sure to apply any concealer, foundation and powder first. Leave blush out until you are done applying the bronzer.


Apply the bronzer along each side of your face starting at the hairline by your forehead and brushing it just under the cheekbones and along the jawline. Next, take a look in the mirror to see if any harshness is visible. If so, even it out using translucent powder. Also apply this using a brush.[2]


Once you are done with getting the bronzer just right, apply your blush. However, sometimes the right bronzer can be perfect as a natural-looking blush all by itself.


The video below explains how to apply a totally bronze makeup look for eyes, cheeks and lips. [1]









answered Jan 10, 2016 by luckybudda (1,240 points)

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