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Should I tell her how I feel?

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I've been dating my girlfriend for 6 months, and through that time there have been some great amazing days, and some off days, but in the end I really love her, and I want to spend my life with her. She has never done anything to hurt me, and I don't think she ever will. I was not her first, but according to her all her other boyfriends ended up being jerks. She is my first though, and I love her a lot. I really want to ask her if she wants to be together forever...but I think it might be a little too early to be thinking about that...after all, we're only 15...but I really want to ask her if she wants to marry me in the future...should I?
asked Jan 14, 2016 in Relationships by Caid
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2 Answers

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If you want to tell her that you love her, then do so. If you want to discuss marriage, wait.

No relationship is healthy if there are unexpressed emotions being held back, so if you really care for her, let her know. You don't ever want to risk someone you care about slipping away because you didn't appreciate them enough when they were around.

On the other hand, I think discussing marriage is premature. For starters, at 15, you probably don't live somewhere where you can even legally get married right now anyway. If, on the other hand, you two are still together and in love when you both have turned 17, then maybe you can broach the subject again.


answered Jan 15, 2016 by Topher (27,830 points)
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Telling someone that you love her is nerve-racking. If your love for her is so strong, then you should let her know. It is better than hiding those feelings then regretting later that you never said it. [1]

With that said, it is still a little too early to think about marriage. After you let her know how you feel about her, just take the relationship one step at a time and see how it evolves as both of you finish school. Then see what the future holds. See if your relationship has these qualities that will lay the foundation of a strong marriage: trust, loyalty, commitment, patience, and acceptance. [2]

If it is true love, it will endure.


[1] http://teenadvice.about.com/od/datinglove/tp/how_and_when_to_say_i_love_you.htm


[2] http://www.bygpub.com/books/tg2rw/chap12excerpt.htm

answered Jan 16, 2016 by turker88 (23,620 points)

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