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Which is better: Dunkin' Donuts or Starbucks?

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I love both, but my favorite is Dunkin' Donuts, always has been. My favorite Dunkin' K-cup is the Chocolate Glazed Donut.
asked Jan 22, 2016 in Food and Drink by JLettermanMB (43,520 points)
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3 Answers

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Personally, I go with Dunkin' Donuts just because I've never set foot in a Starbucks, nor will I ever. The only Starbucks I like are Viper pilots for the Battlestar Galactica. Even if I did eat Starbucks food, I know they are more of a premium brand, and when I want a donut, I want something tasty and bad for me, which premium foods often aren't.

Location may factor a lot into other answers on this question, as Dunkin' Donuts seems to be an East Coast company for most of its stores, whereas Starbucks is far more prevalent to the West.[1]

Investors seem to be mixed on how the two companies taste to them, financially speaking. Dunkin' Donuts long-term debt is roughly equal to Starbucks' in dollar value, but is proportionately higher compared to assets. Starbucks has a larger international presence and twice as many locations, but Dunkin' Donuts still has far more growth potential and looser margins.[2]


answered Jan 22, 2016 by Topher (27,830 points)
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While I don't go to coffee shops, I have tried both of their store bought coffees. I have to say, the Dunkin Donuts I had was a sweet flavored coffee, and it was terrible. My favorite out of either company in this form would be the Starbucks offerings. Specifically, their Sumatra blend that they make k-cups of[1].


I really think that both companies are overrated when it comes to their coffee. I happen to enjoy dark coffees without anything added to them. Both Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts don't have the bold and rich flavors I'm looking for on a consistent basis.


If I had to drink one coffee I'd probably stick with Folgers and their Black Silk coffee[2]. For a cheap ground coffee, this is the way to go. The flavor is very good without adding anything else, and I happen to like my coffee without anything added. The flavor is better than a lot of the more expensive coffees, and it's still okay for my wife to mix flavors into with creamers or whatever she likes.


Have you tried making coffee with some of the Girl Scout Cookie creamers? I tried these a few months back and they were pretty good for a sugary addition to the morning!


girl scout coffee creamers


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answered Jan 22, 2016 by zuulspaceman (37,960 points)
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I'm not a coffee drinker, so my personal opinion has no merit here. I've gone into Starbucks (and had a hot chocolate). But my sweet tooth says that Dunkin' Donuts wins out, because their food is one of my guilty pleasures.


However, that's not what you are asking here, so I did a little research.


While opinions vary, Dunkin' Donuts seems to come out on top because of a few crucial factors. First, it is cheaper [1]. Second, you can grab some donuts while you are picking up your coffee. And third, the lines are usually shorter than they are at Starbucks.


And what about McDonald's? An article on CNBC reported on one trader's opinion, who claimed that neither Starbucks nor Dunkin' Donuts was good enough [1]. He chooses to drive through the golden arches to tame his coffee craving.




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answered Jan 23, 2016 by Unckelli (50,310 points)

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