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How often should a person get screened for cancer?

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asked Jan 26, 2016 in Cancer by leuxcy
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2 Answers

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It’s very important to get screened for cancer. Screening tests are used to find cancer in people who have no symptoms. Screening gives you the best chance of finding cancer as early as possible – while it’s small and before it has spread.[1]



In many cases, the sooner cancer is diagnosed and treated, the better a person's chance for a full recovery. If you develop cancer, you can improve the chance that it will be detected early if you have regular medical checkups and do certain self-exams. Often a doctor can find early cancer during a physical exam or with routine tests, even if a person has no symptoms. Engaging in cancer screening at least once every 5 years for the various types of cancer is definitely not a bad idea. [2]




[1] http://www.cancer.org/healthy/toolsandcalculators/reminders/screening-recommendations-by-age

[2] http://www.medicinenet.com/cancer_detection/article.htm

answered Jan 26, 2016 by benbailey (5,400 points)
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This is a hard question to answer because there are many factors to consider. Do you have a family history of cancer? Have you had cancer in the past? How old are you? Do you have any cancer risk factors, such as a severe sunburn in your youth?

My advice is to discuss your concerns with your doctor, who can answer this question based on the information you give him or her.
answered Feb 2, 2016 by Neeznoodle (7,080 points)

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