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How do you make popcorn in a wok?

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asked Feb 1, 2016 in Food and Drink by anonymous
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It's very easy to make popcorn on the stove using a wok, and it's very delicious. You will need vegetable oil, popcorn kernels, salt and butter or artificial butter. The recipe I looked up calls for 4 tablespoons of vegetable oil and 1/2 cup of popcorn kernels. [1] I substitute Orville Redenbacher's 'Popcorn & Topping' buttery flavored oil in for the generic vegetable oil. As for the amount of oil used, I pour in enough to cover the bottom of the wok and add in 3/4 cup of popcorn kernels instead of 1/2 cup. Coconut oil is another popular option, and bacon grease can even be used. [1]



You're going to want to cover the wok, and what I use for this is a large pizza pan. There are different types of woks, and some of them have their own lids. After the kernel popping begins and starts to accelerate, shake the wok every five seconds, ensuring that the kernels that haven't popped stay on the bottom. [2] Naturally, this prevents the popcorn from burning, too. The natural shape of the wok is also said to help with keeping the kernels on the bottom and the popcorn on top. [1] As the popping slows down, you're going to remove the wok from the burner. 


Now it's time to add the toppings. People put all kinds of things on their popcorn, so you can get as creative as you like. Me personally, I use the same buttery flavored oil from Orville Redenbacher that I suggested you use to cook the popcorn in the wok. Pour on as much as you like, and if you go with my suggestion, it will taste better than theater popcorn. Of course, this is when you add the salt, too. If you're wanting to make the recipe healthier, you can leave off the artificial butter and even use a healthier oil for the cooking process, such as the coconut oil mentioned earlier. 


As for other topping suggestions, there are plenty to choose from. Some people even drizzle chocolate on their popcorn. You can use dry ranch dressing mix for a nice zesty taste, and sugar and cinnamon is another idea. Taco mix with butter might be something you haven't tried before, and olive oil, butter and Parmesan cheese is an Italian favorite. [3]




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answered Feb 1, 2016 by JLettermanMB (43,520 points)

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