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What is it really like to work at home?

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Everyone always talks about the freedom and independence that comes from working at home. I'm thinking of starting a home-based business but have my doubts about how much freedom it actually provides. It seems like  you would have to put in just as much time and effort (if not more) as you would with any job if you want to succeed. For those of you that work at home, does the reality of running a home-based business live up to all of the hype? Do you find you work less or more than you did at a regular job?
asked Feb 20, 2016 in Home Based Business by MattJ
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4 Answers

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I work from home, or sometimes restaurants that are friendly to the laptop-toting crowd.
To be honest, I find I probably work more hours than I did at a conventional job. However, I get to put in more actual money-making hours because there's less time spent getting ready for work and sitting in traffic, so it doesn't always feel like more hours.

The stress of bills and having to make enough money is still there, so enough hours to have to be put in. And the schedule freedom isn't as much as I thought it might be. I'm always five minutes away from working, and I do work practically every day. That gets tiring, but I also get to take breaks whenever I need them. I never miss a movie at the local discount theater, and I have season tickets to a local pro sports team and never miss a game.

The biggest thing is discipline and time management, so it's definitely a lifestyle with flexibility, but not so much freedom. I can't spend all day playing video games, although I do play video games on my work breaks.

answered Feb 21, 2016 by Topher (27,830 points)
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I also work from home, 100 percent. I do not own a home based business, but there are definitely both positives and negatives to working from home and having a home based business. It is up to you to decide if the good things outweigh the bad.


-You get to be your own boss. Anyone who has ever been a part of the world field knows that having to answer to someone is not always fun, especially if that person is difficult to deal with. When you have your own business, you do not have to worry about that. [1]

- You get to choose your hours. Obviously, you typically do not get that kind of freedom when you work for someone else or a business. With having your own business, you get to choose when to work. [1]

- You do not have to travel. Not only does this save you time, but it saves you money on not having to pay for gas, lunch, and other work-related expenses. [1]


- Distractions. While it is great to have the freedom of not having to answer to someone, there is also a good chance of getting distracted. Your best friend may call, a child may need your attention, or your mother may stop by for a coffee. These distractions may take it longer to get work done. [2]

- You may not have enough space. When you run a business out of your home, you will need to create a space to work. This can be hard if you do not have a spare room to do so. [2]

- It can get lonely. Some people never realize how much they miss being around other people all day until they start to work from home. Sure, work will keep you busy, but what about those lulls when you have nothing to do. [2]


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answered Feb 21, 2016 by erod429 (53,480 points)
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I do work from home, although I do not have my own business. I am a freelance writer and I also work for an Internet marketer. I love that this type of job allows me to stay home with my children. However, I've found that I have to set a very strict schedule for work or I never get anything done! There are simply too many distractions at home, even if you don't have children, that make it difficult to stay on task. 


Ultimately, however, I think the benefits outweigh any negatives that come along with working from home. You no longer have to commute, which frees up quite a bit of time for work [1].  If you set up your space correctly, you may find that there are actually LESS distractions than at a typical office job. And, working from home often gives you a quieter space to finish your tasks.


In addition, since you are starting a business, working from home allows you to save money on an office space [2]. You have the flexibility to decide when you work and when you attend to other tasks. Finally, if you have a family, you should get to see them a lot more than you did before.




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answered Feb 21, 2016 by Unckelli (50,310 points)
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Great question. You're wise to ask it before actually taking the plunge. Far too many people are under the impression that working from home is a piece of cake. While it does have its perks, working for yourself does not usually equate to easy money. It also means no benefits and that you pay all [1.] of your self-employment taxes on a quarterly basis.


I do find that I work more than I did when I had a corporate job, but I also love the work I do, which makes a huge difference as far as my quality of life. I don't have to get up in the morning and head to a job I can't stand - I did that for years and was miserable.


Still, don't be fooled into thinking you can sleep in and work in your pajamas. Bad habits don't lend themselves well to productivity. Working from home takes discipline. And, that discipline may take a while to develop. My first couple of years were lean ones as I figured out what worked for me and what didn't. Now, I wouldn't trade it for the world.


There are some pretty good work-from-home tips on the Web if you just dig a little. [2.] Best of luck whatever you decide to do.


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answered Feb 23, 2016 by Alexis Arden (43,230 points)

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