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If you could live in any time period in history, which would you choose?

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asked Feb 20, 2016 in History by Jody
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3 Answers

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The world has seen some fascinating period with historical relevance.
Personally, if I had to select a specific era in which I could live, it would be the middle ages. There is a certain allure to it with all of the castles, royalty, and dungeons. It has also been seen displayed in various TV series which is exciting and relatable compared to other eras.

The 'Middle Ages' began after the 5th century and then spread out for years [1].

The time period is also renowned for all of its fascinating architecture which is still spread all across Europe. It was just a time that was a period of revelation and development [2].


1) http://www.britannica.com/event/Middle-Ages

2) http://www.lordsandladies.org/middle-ages-architecture.htm
answered Feb 21, 2016 by kingusama92 (23,380 points)
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I'd probably choose to live in preColumbus North America. I'd do it if I were able to speak local languages and travel. This is a beautiful continent, and I'd love to see it when there weren't fences, roads and power lines running all over the place. I know there were trails and even cities, but the development wasn't so widespread. I can't even imagine the herds of buffalo that traversed the Great Plains.


answered Feb 22, 2016 by Topher (27,830 points)
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The future.

While there are many time periods that I'd love to visit, such as the 1930s and 40s for its style in vehicles, clothes and beauty standards, I feel that the time period we are in right now is still preferable. Not ideal, but preferable. While a visit may be charming, actually living in another time period may be very difficult for someone from this one. The notion may seem romantic, but the reality is quite different.


However, to quote Dr. Emmett Lathrop Brown, Ph.D., "where are we going?" Is in my opinion the most interesting question -- we know where we came from, but we don't know where we're going. I'd love to jump forward a few decades and see what is happening. At the same time however I feel that living in the future may be just as difficult as living in the past, for the very same reasons.

answered Feb 23, 2016 by AlecCorday (5,810 points)

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