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Anything known about Pokemon Sun and Moon?

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I just heard the new Pokemon games will be called Sun and Moon. Is there any other information? How cool would it be to have this game based in space?
asked Feb 26, 2016 in Gaming by zuulspaceman (37,960 points)
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It is true that Pokémon Sun and Moon versions have been confirmed as the next set of Pokémon games for the Nintendo 3DS. [1] There is no specific date of release, but according to a minor promo for the games, they are scheduled to be released during "Holiday 2016."


Very little specific information has been released like the starters, location, etc., but a small teaser for the games was featured at the end of a 20th anniversary promo for all the Pokémon games to date. However, a major thing that is known is that they will use the Pokémon Bank app. [2] Because of that, these two versions will be compatible for wireless trading and battling with the other games that use the app, including the recent 3DS releases of the original Red, Blue, and Yellow Versions.


There were some specific things in the concept art at the end of the 20th promo video that will most likely be included in the games. [3] It appears that the Pokémon Centers are getting a redesign. There were also several concept designs shown of trucks. The only character sketch showed a digital skeleton of what appeared to be a new bird Pokémon.


These games will also feature nine different language options, including the new options of Traditional and Simplified Chinese. There is a rumor that the newly released legendary Pokémon Magearna, who is going to be in the next Pokémon movie in summer 2016, may be involved with these versions.


A new generation of Pokémon games hasn't been released since the 2013 releases of Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby, which were remakes of the 2003 Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire Versions. [4]  A standalone game called "Pokken Tournament" is the next major Pokémon game release, and it will be available for the Wii U in March 2016.


The official 20th anniversary of Pokémon is February 27, 2016 (tomorrow).




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* Image courtesy of "http://www.polygon.com/2016/2/26/11119466/pokemon-sun-and-moon-release-date-nintendo-direct-announcement"

answered Feb 26, 2016 by deviousdesigner (36,530 points)
selected Mar 5, 2016 by zuulspaceman

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