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What are some cute Leprechaun tricks?

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A leprechaun comes to our house each year at St. Patrick's Day and does silly things for the kids. I have run out of ideas; what are a few tricks that he could do this year?
asked Mar 7, 2016 in Kids and Teens by Morgan
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What a great idea! I bet your children have fun looking for that silly little leprechaun each year. Here are a few tricks he could pull this St. Patrick's Day:


1. Leprechauns love to make a mess [1]! Open your drawers, change up furniture, and unravel a roll of toilet paper in one of your rooms. Take a green dry erase marker and leave a note from the leprechaun on the bathroom mirror. Make little leprechaun footprints with green chalk leading up to your front door. Put a little food coloring in your milk to make it green. Also, don't forget that leprechauns love to make shoes. Line up all the shoes in your house and fill them with chocolate gold coins!


2. For every mischevious thing that the leprechaun does, leave a St. Patrick's Day sticker to show that it was his doing [2]! Put toothpaste in the refrigerator and toothbrushes in an unusual place. Fill up a bathtub with water and turn it green (the leprechaun took a bath before he left!).


3. Print out a few St. Patrick's Day jokes (you can find a great resource here: http://happyhomefairy.com/2011/03/07/st-patricks-day-lunch-box-jokes-free-printable/) and leave the jokes scattered around the house for your children to find.


Have fun!




[1] http://www.njfamily.com/NJ-Family/March-2013/Leprechaun-Tricks/


[2] http://mycrazygoodlife.com/the-leprechaun/

answered Mar 7, 2016 by Unckelli (50,310 points)

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