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What is the most heroic thing you have ever done?

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asked Mar 17, 2016 in Miscellaneous by benbailey (5,400 points)
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The most heroic thing I have done was save a child from crossing the road into heavy traffic. She was only two years old and somehow had separated from her mother.

The mother hadn't realized, so the child just wandered off. By the time she had realized, it was probably too late and the child had disappeared.

I was lucky to be in the same area walking home when I saw. I rushed and managed to grab her just as she started walked onto the road.

There was a study done on the matter of how cars are the third largest reason for children dying [1]. Children are not able to anticipate moving objects as fast as adults.

Over 5000 children are struck by cars every year [2]. This is a substantial number and I was lucky to have stopped one from taking place.


1) http://www.psychologicalscience.org/index.php/news/full-frontal-psychology/why-kids-get-hit-by-cars.html

2) http://articles.latimes.com/2012/oct/19/news/la-heb-children-struck-by-cars-jaywalking-darting-into-street-20121019
answered Mar 20, 2016 by kingusama92 (23,380 points)

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