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What is blepharitis?

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asked Mar 19, 2016 in Health and Fitness by anonymous
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Blepharitis is a condition that affects the eyelids of an individual. It can cause stickiness and clumping around the eyelids. The condition can affect people of any age, gender or ethnicity. It can be classified as acute or chronic where chronic adult blepharitis is the most common form of eyelid infection. The infection can be caused by a virus as well as bacteria. Staphylococcal bacteria are responsible for causing this condition. The main symptoms of blepharitis include itchiness, redness, crusting, and flaking around the eyelids. These symptoms can be worse on waking up in the mornings. Sensations of burning, stickiness, oversensitivity to light, excessive tears, and intolerance to wearing contact lenses are some of the other symptoms of this condition. If you suffer from any of these symptoms, you need to consult an ophthalmologist.




answered Mar 19, 2016 by nilupa1973 (35,290 points)

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