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How do you overcome the fear of public speaking?

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asked Apr 16, 2016 in Communications by anonymous
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2 Answers

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The fear of public speaking is one of the most common of all the phobias. This fear can make a person visibly shaking and anxious while he or she attempts to speak in front of a crowd. Some people may even experience panic attacks while speaking. Most people who have this phobia avoid public speaking altogether. Here are important steps to get rid of the fear of public speaking.

The most important thing to remember is you will never get rid of your fear of public speaking if you don't speak in front of a group. There is no other way to overcome this fear than practicing on a regular basis. Techniques such as visualizations, positive affirmations, and EFT can help subside the fear to some extent, but they cannot help you overcome the fear completely. Also, it is good to remember that even the most experienced speakers will feel this fear from time to time when they attempt to make a speech. In fact, there is no way to eradicate this fear completely. You have to learn to manage the fear and make your speech. Feel the fear and do it anyway until you are experienced in the art of making a great speech.

First, practice in front of a small group of people with whom you are comfortable. Be proficient on the topic that you plan to make the speech. When you are comfortable with the topic, you can make a better speech compared to speaking on a difficult topic. Use only a palm card to remember the key points of your topic. Move your hands to demonstrate what you are talking about. Finally, practice, practice, and practice since practice make perfect.    



answered Apr 16, 2016 by nilupa1973 (35,290 points)
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Fear of public speaking is fairly common and quite treatable. It’s considered a social anxiety disorder, which causes people to feel so worried about being judged and embarrassed in social situations that they avoid them altogether. Stage fright, which is what you are describing, is specifically the fear of speaking in front of an audience because you imagine them having negative thoughts about your performance or you as a person.


The good news is that you can overcome the anxiety. First, try doing relaxation techniques 10 minutes before getting up in front of a crowd, such as deep breathing or yoga; that should calm you down. You can also try writing down exactly what you fear and think might happen. Then challenge the scenario: Is it really likely that everyone in the room will laugh when you open your mouth? And even if they did, so what? (Therapists call this exercise “cognitive restructuring.”)


Another treatment strategy is exposure—simply doing what you’re scared of so often that you become desensitized to the fear of it. Since it can be hard to find many opportunities to speak publicly, a number of psychiatric clinics have virtual reality simulators that allow patients to practice in front of a virtual audience.


In some cases, it’s necessary to decrease your body’s stress response to your fear. Ask your doctor whether you might benefit from a beta-blocker medication; this type of drug helps keep your blood pressure low and your pulse slow, which often makes your body—and in turn your mind— feel calm. If you go this route, road-test the medication to see how well you tolerate it before using it prior to an important public affair. Some people have low blood pressure normally, and taking a beta-blocker causes them to faint.




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answered Apr 28, 2016 by benbailey (5,400 points)

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