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What is meant by Google Mobilegeddon?

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asked Jul 5, 2016 in Internet/Online Business by anonymous
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Google Mobilegeddon is the new mobile-friendly algorithm update implemented by Google in 2015. The update was implemented to give a boost to mobile friendly web pages in Google's mobile search results. This update is also referred to as mobilepocalyse, mopocalypse or mobocalypse. Webmasters need to make their websites mobile friendly to take advantage of this update and rank their sites higher in the search results pages. There is a Test Tool released by Google where a webmaster can check if his or her website is mobile friendly or not.




answered Jul 5, 2016 by nilupa1973 (35,290 points)
Google released sweeping changes to its search algorithm on April 2015, giving mobile-friendly websites a boost on smartphones.
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